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X-treme Power Rake

  • Perfect for seedbed grading, leveling and re-conditioning of multiple surfaces.
  • The floating design ensures that the rake will always remain level during operation.

The ultimate surface prep tool for clearing debris and grading surfaces of all types

The Star Industries X-treme Power Rake is a versatile skid steer attachment. It can grade, level, and recondition various surfaces and is perfect for seedbed preparation. The X-treme Power Rake has a unique design that protects the motor from damage by keeping it inside the drum. The rake has a bi-directional drum with carbide teeth and side plates that can be removed. The rake also has a floating feature that keeps it level during operation.
  • Inset Direct Drive Motor located inside the drum to protect it from damage
  • Universal 7 pin, 8 pin or 14 pin wiring harness
  • Solid foam filled tires
  • Front and back debris curtain
  • Bi-directional drum with carbide teeth and removeable side plates
  • Floating design to ensure the rake will remain level during operation
E-Xtreme Power Rake
Model Description
130-72 72″ X-Treme Power Rake for Skid-Steer