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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about our delivery options? Where our attachments are made? Or where you can buy them from? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

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Can I buy direct?

Star sells through a nationwide network of helpful dealers in the U.S. and Canada. We believe this provides the best and most efficient way to serve our valued users. If you happen to be an equipment dealer or rental store we would be happy to discuss our dealer opportunities.

Are your attachments approved by the forklift manufacturers?

We have a number of letters of approval from forklift manufacturers for varied Star attachments. In cases where the forklift manufacturer is unwilling or unable to provide a letter of approval on some attachments we can often offer an approval letter from an independent engineer as allowed by OSHA in their interpretations.

How do I determine which fork to buy for my forklift?

First determine how the fork attaches to the carriage. There are two primary types used on most forklifts and telehandlers.

  1. ITA style forks - these hang on a notched bar and are the style used on most small to medium warehouse type forklifts. These are also found most frequently on fork frame attachments for loaders. ITA forks are built to a standard to match the carriage class of the forklift. There are five classes – Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV and Class V. You will see a drawing on the fork page on our website that will show you how to determine your fork’s class.
  2. Shaft Mounted style forks - these forks are mounted on a round shaft. The dimension of the shaft and back vary with the forklift manufacturer and sometimes with the forklift model. Star has the specs for most telehandlers and many straight mast forklifts. All we need to know is the brand, model and sometimes the year of your forklift. For those we don’t have on file, there is form you can access here that will guide you through the dimensions needed for your forks.
How do I find a Star dealer?

Star sells through a great many local and nationwide dealers and equipment attachment suppliers. Most likely the dealer you buy from now is a Star dealer. However, we’re always pleased to have you call for dealers in your area and/or for product information.

We would love to hear from you! We have knowledgeable people ready to answer your questions. Call 1-800-541-1797, email [email protected] or submit an inquiry on our contact us page.

How long has Star been in business and how did it start?

Star Industries was started in 1981 by Ben Huges who was the number one dealer nationwide for Skytrak telehanders. Ben envisioned that the telehander could do so much more than just lift palletized material, so he designed and developed a broad line of telehandler and forklift attachments to provide this added versatility. He was the originator of a great many of the forklift attachments sold today.

Can Star ship direct to my customer?

We can ship our equipment attachments and products to any address in the US or Canada and we have national freight contracts with significant discounts to pass along savings to you. If it’s going internationally or overseas to another country, we can ship to a freight forwarder in the US.

Where are Star attachments manufactured?

All our equipment attachments are proudly manufactured in the USA.