January 14, 2022

Collect, move, and dispose of waste around the job site the easy way!

Waste builds up fast around a busy job site. You need a simple, hassle-free way to collect and dump it. The Star Industries Self-Dump Hopper is the perfect solution. It’s a fast, easy, and most importantly, safe way to collect, move and dispose of waste on any busy construction site.

Self-Dump Hopper Telehandler attachment

About the Star Industries Self-Dump Hopper

The self-dump hopper is constructed from rugged heavy-duty ¼ and 3/16 steel plate (not flimsy sheet metal) so it can take plenty of punishment. The full-length fork channels make it easy to attach and de-attach the hopper to any set of straight-mask and extendable reach forks. With up to 6,000 lbs load capacity on the largest model, it can take plenty of rubbish between each empty.

There are several stand-out features that make this hopper a ‘must-have’ for any busy construction site. The first are the optional heavy-duty castor wheels that make it easy to wheel the hopper around an interior job site or wherever you have a smooth floor surface. This increases the likeliness of getting rubbish into the bin, first up, rather than thrown on the ground for clean up at a later time. The optional crane lifting eyes allow the hopper to be elevated and moved around with a crane as well.

The hopper also has a self-dump release. The rope release allows the load to release from the operator’s seat making it quick and easy to dump the load into the main bin without having to hop off the machine. There’s also a release handle at the back of the hopper that can be used to release the load too.

What to use it for

  • Ideal for removing concrete, plaster, brick and other construction waste.
  • Easily attach it to your straight-mast, extendable-reach forklift or crane for transfer of hopper waste to the main skip using the self-dump release.
  • An OSHA compliant alternative to home-made trash boxes that lead to job site accidents and OSHA fines for non-compliance.

What we think you'll like about it

  • Rope Release can be used to trip the hopper from the ground or from the operator’s seat.
  • Release Handle at the back of hopper can be used to dump the load.
  • Safety Lock prevents accidental discharge when transporting a load. Must be disengaged before hopper will dump.
  • Safety Chain & Locking Grab Hook secures hopper to forklift and prevents hopper from accidentally sliding off forks.
  • Optional heavy-duty steel casters featuring 8” diameter polyurethane wheels with roller bearings to make it easy to manually move around the job site.
  • Optional Lifting Hooks (eyes) for handling hoppers with a crane.

Available Models

Model Capacity Weight Capacity (w/o casters) Base Dimensions Top Dimensions Overall Height (w/o casters) Lowest Lip -30.25? Weight (w/o casters) Fork Opening Width Fork Opening Height
1805N ½ cuyd. 4,000 lbs. 42” x 32” 49” x 32” 36” 460 lbs 23 ½” 2 ¾” ID
1810 1 cuyd. 6,000 lbs. 48” x 39” 62” x 39” 39” 645 lbs 30 ¼” 2 ¾” ID
1815 1 ½ cuyd. 6,000 lbs. 55” x 43” 67” x 45” 46” 795 lbs 35 ½” 2 ¾” ID
1820 2 cuyd. 6,000 lbs. 57” x 58” 66” x 57” 48” 965 lbs 32” 2 ¾” ID
1825 2 ½ cuyd. 6,000 lbs. 57” x 58” 67” x 57” 55” 995 lbs 32” 2 ¾” ID

Note: Weight capacity of hoppers with casters is 4,000 lbs less the weight of the hopper.