October 12, 2021

Don’t risk an OSHA citation: Use a Universal Fit Lift Hook

There are many times when you need to move equipment or materials from one location to another and the only tool at hand that’s capable of the job is your forklift or telehandler. But wrapping straps, cables or chains around bare forks is a safety breach and can lead to an OSHA citation.

Star Universal Lift Hook
Star Universal Lift Hook

About the Star Universal Lift Hook

The Star Universal Lift Hook is a quick and compliant way of converting a forklift or telehandler into a mobile crane for lifting and manoeuvring loads over short distances. Rugged construction and American craftsmanship make this a versatile tool that can be used with straight-mask and extendable-reach forklifts, safely lifting up to 22,000 lbs.

What to use it for

  • Safely move loads with a forklift or telehandler that would otherwise need a mini crane.
Universal Lift Hook

What we think you’ll like about it

  • Universal fit: slip-on-the-forks design permits use on most forklifts and telehandlers
  • Compliant: Meets / exceeds OSHA and ANSI requirements
  • 24” load center: This is the load center for most forklifts maximizing the forklift’s lifting capabilities
  • Safe: Easily slides on the forks and is pinned behind the heel for fast and easy securement
  • Handles heavy weights: 6,000 lbs – 22,000 lbs
  • Rugged heavy-duty construction: increased durability and long life
  • Safety chain included for additional security

Available Models

Model Lift Capacity Weight Overall Dimensions
1366 6,000 lbs 105 lbs 29”W x 9¾”H x 24¼”L
1370B 10,000 lbs 271 lbs 42”W x 12”H x 28½”L
1371B 12,000 lbs 277 lbs 42”W x 12”H x 28½”L
1377 22,000 lbs 440 lbs 44”W x 15½ “H x 28½”L
Model Fork Pocket Size Center-to-center of Fork Opening Pocket Ends
1366 6¾” x 3” ID 20” Open
1370B 24” long x 7½” x 2⅞” ID 34” Open
1371B 24” long x 7½” x 2⅞” ID 34” Open
1377 24” long x 8¾” x 3½” ID 34” Open
Universal Lift Hook in Action